FREE Yoga video of me teaching the same scientifically researched sequence helping Stress, Anxiety, and Depression featured in the October issue of Whole Living. It is a full rejuvenating practice in only 25 minutes~ Enjoy! And share with your friends!


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Yoga Evolution is changing! Kelly Larson and Sheryl McGourty started this organization in 2005 to bring Yoga, adventure, and education into the world. We both continue to strive for these principles, and are excited to step into new directions with our businesses and our practices. Kelly is now stepping forward with Yoga Evolution on her own, and is excited to step forward and facilitate the changing vision (and website) of Yoga Evolution! In the meantime, expect to see Kelly teaching workshops at Sheryl's Yoga studios in Durango, and watch for these two ladies to create more great Yoga adventures in the future. Check out our events page to see Kelly's latest workshops and retreats on the calendar, and join our email list to stay in the loop as more get scheduled!


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FREE VIDEO - Yoga to overcome Stress, Depression, and Anxiety!

Kelly is featured in the October issue of Whole Living in a story called Rise Above Depression. In the story she helps journalist Dana White with several methods of Yoga and meditation, including an evidence-based Yoga sequence. You can check out the sequence and see pictures of Kelly doing the postures, with descriptions written by Kelly here on Whole Living's website! You can also find a free video of the sequence here on the Breathe into Balance website!



Yoga to Lift Your Mood - Practices to help Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Workshop at Samadhi Integral Life Practice Center

Newton Center, MA

October 30, 12:30-5:30

In this workshop, Kelly Larson will give share basic Yogic tools to alleviate stress and mood disorders, specifically depression and anxiety.   You will experience simple and effective practices that you can apply immediately to your life, and leave with a list of simple practices to do and to share with the people around you. She will also give an overview of the research showing how Yoga postures, breathing, and meditation can support overcoming these conditions.   This workshop is appropriate for both the general public and for care providers.   Check out the Center for the Study of Yoga and Health for more details about the work Kelly is doing in the field of evidence-based Yoga.   Register today at Samadhi to reserve your space.

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Voyage to India - Breathe deep in the homeland of Yoga

Retreat in northern India - Dharmasala and Rishikesh

Fall 2011, dates TBA

Get into the heart of Yoga and practice. Go deep with Power Yin Yoga and meditation practices with Kelly, and learn about the heart of Yogic philosophy from Harvard scholar Ben Wiliams. This retreat is recommended for serious Yoga practitioners.

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Yoga to Lift Your Mood - Practices to help Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

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