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Women's Adventure Retreat

Yoga Evolution's Women's Adventure Retreats are a unique opportunity for women to connect and be challenged as a community. Sheryl weaves in her extensive wilderness experience and educates women about wilderness survival skills, and these skills are integrated as we camp together and hike a 14,000 ft mountain.


These pictures are from our first Women's Adventure Retreat, where we camped at Valley View Hot Springs and hiked Mt Shavano. Valley View Hot Springs offer a selection of pools mingled with patchees of sunflowers, lush green trails, and spectacular views.


Before the hike...


By the peak...


At Valley View hot springs, where we camped...



This retreat is a chance for women to connect and grow together. We offer this rustic experience as an affordable option for women to explore the wilderness, learn new skills, and be challenged in a supportive community. All of this is further enhanced by yoga practice and soaking in the hot springs under a beautiful bright start filled sky.


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