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Partner Yoga Workshops

Yoga Evolution's Partner Yoga Workshops invite participants to have fun and be light in their practice while sharing it with a partner. This is a great opportunity to invite a friend who always talks about trying yoga, but is a bit nervous to just show up at class. It is also amazing for couples to connect and share this deeply personal practice and arena of growth.



For those of you regular yogis and yoginis, imagine a practice where you are being adjusted the entire time. It feels good to connect with a friend or loved one as you open deeply in this physical practice, and feel supported through your emotions as well. These workshops generally last 2-3 hours, and time flies. We laugh, breathe, meditate and explore yoga through various lenses through this unique experience.



A letter from a past participant:

Dear Sheryl and Kelly,

I want to thank you for a great first experience with yoga during your couples yoga workshop. I was the "Tin Man" with the really stiff spine, Kathy's partner. Your care in both helping me and making me feel comfortable in your class helped to make it a positive experience that I would like to repeat and maybe gain more flexibility in the future. Thanks again for your gentle encouragement.



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