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Voyage to India

July 30 - August 3, 2007


Yoga Evolution's 2007 Voyage to India is a retreat to the heart of the Himalayas, as we immerse in traditional yoga philosophy and practice the many components of traditional hatha yoga, with time to relax and explore this mountain paradise in between. This first week will sweep you into the heart of your practice as we stay together in these beautiful spaces, and enjoy healthy, organic, freshly prepared authentic Indian food and drink.


Home for the week...


We will spend extensive time practicing and learning about traditional yoga philosophy. The practice is a challenging Hatha practice, supported by traditional yoga meditation techniques, yoga nidra relaxation techniques, pranayama breathing, cleansing techniques, and restorative yoga to integrate the practice into our bodies. The yoga philosophy component will be based on traditional Hatha and Raja philosophies, with a basic understanding of the roots, as well as some of the popular branches that have appeared in more recent years. In addition we will be receiving lectures about other more mythic aspects of Hindu philosophy from guest lecturer Heidi Hillman, PhD. Working through our whole bodies, hearts, and minds, this will be a week to dive fully into your practice, while surrounded by the sacred land and culture that created yoga.


Please email us with any questions, and check out our upcoming events for more details about this amazing opportunity.